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April 11, 2017

Has anyone heard of a brand called "It works?" 

Well, if you have not heard of it you need to try it!
I know that you're probably thinking, here is another
person trying to sell me something...I am not selling
you anything and I do not sell "It Works." This blog
is to tell you my honest review on one of the products
I received to try that one of my friend's Tara Lohse
sent me. (Shes the one that sells it!)


March Bluum Box Review

April 2, 2017


It took me some time to get this review up because I wanted to be able to give a honest review on one of the products I received to use for myself.  

This months box we did not picked the products and we actually did not order anything to additional to try either (maybe this month). We still enjoy the subscription and Caleb still loves the box and that crinkle paper! 

Jumping into the review...we will start with the product that was sent for me!


Must haves for a newborn!

March 21, 2017

Photo from our gender reveal party

I currently have baby fever so when someone announces they are pregnant it excites me.(fyi, we are not having another baby for a couple more years) Anyways... I love talking about things we used for Caleb that really worked for us. This blog is going to be about my recommendations and my must haves for Newborns through about 6 months. 


Healthier Lifestyle/Meal Prepping

March 21, 2017

I am not saying I am healthy but I have made the choice to live a healthier lifestyle. My goal is to tone and to fit into my clothes before I was pregnant. It comes down to that I pretty much want to look the way I did when before I got married…

This was from August 2014


February Bluum Box Review

February 26, 2017

This is our second Bluum box and I must say we are
loving this box subscription. For this month we 
purchased two additional products we wanted to
try also! Caleb loves boxes in general and is
determined to open them up. His favorite thing in
the box still seems to be the crinkle paper but this
months box was larger so he was able to sit inside!


A Fish named "Fish"

February 17, 2017

Last Sunday morning I took Caleb to Petco to get his first pet, a fish.

It was a rainy Sunday which gave us a good reason to wear these  cute "Jack and Cat" rain boots that we found at Target which seem
to now be only available in store. 


The Perfect Snow Day

February 10, 2017

We finally had a snow day here in the North-East. 
I have this blog titled "The Perfect Snow Day"
because generally when it snows it causes some
stress with traveling to and from work...but lucky
me Thursday's are my day off so we could stay put! 


January Bluum Box

February 8, 2017

January we received our first Bluum Box! 



February 5, 2017