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February Bluum Box Review

This is our second Bluum box and I must say we are
loving this box subscription. For this month we 
purchased two additional products we wanted to
try also! Caleb loves boxes in general and is
determined to open them up. His favorite thing in
the box still seems to be the crinkle paper but this
months box was larger so he was able to sit inside!

Let's get into the review! For this month we picked 
the items we wanted. (You get 4 products with the
subscription) We received all products we picked. 

The First one we picked was from Ulubulu called
the Ear Twistie.  Caleb is weird when it comes to
his ears, he doesn't like getting them cleaned with
a cotton swab or being looked at the doctors.
Before I tried cleaning his ears with the Ear Twistie
I tried it first then tried it on Caleb, he sat still and
didn't wiggle! We are obsessed with this now!
(one of our favorites that we got in the box)  
You can buy it here for $6.99 

Next product we picked and received was the
Bumkins divided plate. I thought it was so cute!
It's pretty sturdy in case Caleb was to throw it.
He is at the stage when he likes to toss things
off his highchair but we will definitely be
using it more when he's past that stage.
Bumkins Melamine Divided Plate, Gray Bird Park

Another product we picked was the No. 8 Brands
silicone bib - off to the races. It has 4 different sizes 

and catches the food your little one drops, its
sturdy and easy to clean! 
You can buy it at Summer Style for $17.99

For our Bluum boxes I always make sure to pick
out a book for Caleb. This time we picked out
Explore Baby Animals- Mommy and Baby by
Parragon Books. It's a adorable book with 3D
photos, a great book to add to your child's book
collection. Mommy and Baby (Little Learners)  

We choose to purchase two products that we really
want to try and one of them was the Tomy- Boon Nosh
Snack Container.  I love the colors of this and the
concept of preventing a snack mess. I had to show
Caleb a few times on how to get the snacks out as
he kept thinking it was a sippy cup (it was cute to
watch him discover that no juice was coming out).
Boon Nosh Snack Container, Blue/Orange  


We also purchased the Melissa and Doug-
Mini Puzzle Pack (Animals)
This one we most likely wont be using for in a few
months, they are very mini and may be too 
challenging for Caleb. Suggested Age is 2+
I must say I am a huge fan of the packaging though!
Melissa & Doug Animals Wooden Mini-Puzzle Set
With Storage and Travel Case


You can sign up with Bluum here! 
Thanks for reading and see you all in my next post!! 


Photos are from that don't have Caleb in it. 


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