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January Bluum Box

January we received our first Bluum Box! For those who have never heard of it,
Bluum is a monthly box subscription filled
with goodies for babies, toddlers and even Moms! 
You can do a month to month subscription, a 6
month or a 12 month subscription. Before your
monthly box is sent you have the option to select
items you wish to receive or you can select surprise
and they will choose products based on the
milestones you select for your child that month.

Currently you receive 4 items that are included
in your subscription. There's also a high chance
that someone wont have the same box as you. 
You can go through their "shop" and purchase 
items that will come in your box and ship free
since they are already shipping your monthly box.
It's a great way to try products, share your
thoughts and read reviews from
other parents. 

They also have a rewards program, if you earn
enough points you can get a free month box.
(Who doesn't like free stuff??)
You can earn points by referring, reviewing, and purchasing!


Lets take a look at Caleb's January box!

Caleb was a HUGE fan of the crinkle paper. 
For the January box I picked the product, 
I did receive three out of the four products I selected. 


We picked out two books:

Around the World by Katie Haworth  and illustrated
by Craig Shuttlewood.
Around the World: A Follow-the-Trail Book


I Love my Dad by Anna Walker I Love My Dad


We received the Rich Frog's Owl Mitt for bath-time. 
The Owl Mitt is made well, Caleb enjoys playing with
it during his bath time. The only thing is for his skin
it seems to be a little too rough, but it does dry well
and I am at least able to use it. 
About $5.50 You can purchase it here as
well as different animals
Owl Wacky Wash Mitt 


I picked out the Babyganics
"Face, Hand & Baby wipes" 
to try. I really like the size of the wipes, they are not
too thin and they are very soft. They are fragrance
free, non-allergenic, plant based ingredients.
Babyganics Face, Hand & Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free


Try it out today!! Join Bluum

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for our next review on our February Bluum Box 
in a few weeks! 




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