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 Mom-Life with the help of Sage Spoonfuls

Being a mom is one tough job, and as
my son is getting older (almost a 3
year old!) I am starting to realize that
the terrible two year old melt downs
may not be as terrible as the threes
may be... (I still love him though!)


One thing I find that helps my life as
a working mom is Sage Spoonfuls!  
With preparing and packing my sons
food for either daycare or for a day
out our Sage Spoonfuls products help
in so many ways. We have been using
the line since Caleb was born and loving
it more even now with the new products
they are coming out with. 

This is the first set we actually started out with.
It made making baby food super easy and did not
take up a lot of space. Now that our son is older, we
still use this for making our toddler meals and
adults meals. 

The jars come in plastic as well as glass. I love using
the plastic ones for snacks on the go as well as for his
lunch box for daycare. They now also offer the
reusable snack pouches that are very easy to clean
and perfect for going to the farm to pick fresh

(Keep in mind they do not prevent them
from snacking while picking!) 


The jars worked great as a scoop for cupcake baking! 

This is the sage spoonfuls steamer, we own two of
them and is a must have. It fits all of our pots and
pans and the handle comes up pretty high to help
with removing the steamer from the pot.


The newest thing we have gotten is the
Sili Elephant. Having two dividers that we find 
helps with picky eaters or when introducing new
foods. Large suction on the bottom helps prevent
the plate from being thrown on the floor which
equal less messes! Speaking of messes...
this plate is super easy to clean, we just pop
it into the dish washer. 


You can find all of these products on the
Sage Spoonfuls Website 
Use my code "sage25tarissa" for a discount!






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