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Baby Rinier #2


 Mom-Life with the help of Sage Spoonfuls

Being a mom is one tough job, and as
my son is getting older (almost a 3
year old!) I am starting to realize that
the terrible two year old melt downs
may not be as terrible as the threes
may be... (I still love him though!)

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Has anyone heard of a brand called "It works?" 

Well, if you have not heard of it you need to try it!
I know that you're probably thinking, here is another
person trying to sell me something...I am not selling
you anything and I do not sell "It Works." This blog
is to tell you my honest review on one of the products
I received to try that one of my friend's Tara Lohse
sent me. (Shes the one that sells it!)

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March Bluum Box Review


It took me some time to get this review up because I wanted to be able to give a honest review on one of the products I received to use for myself.  

This months box we did not picked the products and we actually did not order anything to additional to try either (maybe this month). We still enjoy the subscription and Caleb still loves the box and that crinkle paper! 

Jumping into the review...we will start with the product that was sent for me!

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