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Has anyone heard of a brand called "It works?" 

Well, if you have not heard of it you need to try it!
I know that you're probably thinking, here is another
person trying to sell me something...I am not selling
you anything and I do not sell "It Works." This blog
is to tell you my honest review on one of the products
I received to try that one of my friend's Tara Lohse
sent me. (Shes the one that sells it!)

Little bit about "It works" before I get into
the review.... This company did not just start
overnight, it actually began back in 2001, by 
Mark & Cindy Pentecost with
"The Ultimate Body Applicator" from there
they offered more products such as skin care,
essential oils, shakes, and so much more.
Oh and not to mention they came out with
a product called GREENS! Which is pretty
important since this blog is my review on them. 

Lets jump in! 

When Tara reach out to me regarding a sample
of "greens" I was so excited to try them. I actually 
responded to her and said your gonna get me
hooked aren't you! 

First time I tried the greens I mixed it with just
water and it wasn't bad. Tara did suggest
to try it with water & lemon or with some juice. 

I made homemade Celery and Apple juice
(weird combo, I know) I had it once when I
was at a restaurant in NYC it was so
Caleb is a fan of it too! 

​(fyi greens on the go is designed for adults) 

Caleb is good about eating all his food groups
(most of the time) 
unlike me so I added greens on
the go in berry into my juice! With Greens it helps
alkaline and restore PH balance and also build

your immune system. It also has matcha green
tea, 52 herbs
and super-foods! Along with
34 fruits and veggies! (try mixing all of that
on your own..) No body has that kind of time!
Greens is also Naturally detoxifying, its vegan,
non-gmo, soy-free, dairy-free and allergen-free. 

Find Product info here

Thanks for reading! Head on over to Tara's
It works facebook page and to her website to purchase
To join in on the fun and get hooked!

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